Night of the Knight – Chapter 3

–Chapter 3–
-The Intrusion-

A figure in a rusting silver armor was perched atop the pitch-black
horse, creaking as he moved. The horse kicked a brick away from the floor
with its firm silver hooves, setting off sparks. It had a white saddle with
an odd symbol on it. The armored intruder creaked and moved once more,
looking down at Rose with an accusing glare.
“You’re in my way, squirt!” he growled, for it was certainly a he, if
not a grouchy one. He pointed his arms at Rose, shoving the stunned girl
backwards roughly with a strong push.
“Eek!” cried Rose as the impact threw her across the room. At first,
it seemed that Rose would have broken her back–but as the smoke cleared,
everyone could see that the little girl had managed to order vines to catch
her just in time, a few centimeters away from the wall. She reached the floor
gently, and started to wail in fright.
“Wahhh!” cried Rose. Lily rushed to her little sibling and attempted
to sooth her.
“Shh, it’s okay, Lily’s here…,” she whispered, hugging her
frightened younger sibling. Then the half-ghost glared up at the unwanted
visitor and snapped, “Do you mind? This is my sister!”
The figure leaned backwards in surprise, making the armor screech in
doing so. “Really?” he remarked, “It is a surprise a squirt like that is
related to a beauty such as yourself!” This only resulted in louder wails
from Rose.
Lily was in shock. “Excuse me?” she choked out in a mixture of shock
and anger. “How dare you… you… you insolent knight-imitator!” she managed
to find a name for the intruder.
“Why, my fair lady! I am a genuine knight! In fact, I graduated from
Ye Ol’ Knights of the Round Tabl–”
“Yeah, yeah, we don’t need to know your entire whereabouts,” Resus
snapped. “Why don’t you just start with why you broke into this house?” he
demanded, his fangs glinting in the lights from the chandelier above.
The intruder froze, and then kicked his feet out at the vampire
with surprising force, causing him to crash into the snack table. Assorted
sweets went flying into the air as the table overturned.
“Resus!” everyone but the mysterious–and quite rude–knight shouted
out simultaneously.
Cleo rushed to his side and shook him gently. “You okay?” she asked,
Luke hurrying to her side. Lily was still hugging Rose tightly, but looking
over to their side worriedly.
“Yeah…,” Resus groaned.
Cleo turned her attention to the armored figure as well. “You!” she
snapped. “What is WRONG with you?!”
The knight remained oblivious. “Another fair lady that needs the help
of a brave knight?” he asked, grabbing her hand.
Cleo slapped it away. “No thank YOU. You just kicked one of my best
friends into a table!”
“He is a vampire,” said the intruder, rather haughtily, “and
therefore needs to be disposed of. He is a dangerous pest, missy.”
Cleo managed to cough out a “EXCUSE ME?” and Luke, having heard this,
felt anger bubbling inside of him. He strode up to the knight, quite furious.
In one swift move, Luke cracked the armor’s helmet, his right arm now that of
a werewolf’s. The intruder gasped dramatically and flicked his horse’s reins,
causing the animal to jerk up and fling Luke to the other side of the room.
Luke winced in pain, his arm returning to normal. “Ow…” There were
slivers of the helmet stuck in his hand.
The intruder straightened his rusty helmet. “Do you still not see?
This one is a wretched animal!” he declared, sniffing in disgust.
Lily and Cleo were both speechless in shock. This knight-wannabe had
just simply destroyed the left wall, struck down two of their friends, and
ruined the entire birthday party in a matter of seconds.
“Do not worry, damsels in distress! I will save you from these
outlaws!” the armored figure said. And with one grand, dramatic swing of his
hand, he swooped Cleo and Lily onto his horse.

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