Horror Story

Nasreen puts pen to paper to petrify us all…

It was a very misty day. When you walked out you could barely see anything except the cold mist lying there as if it was dead. In year 6 they were learning about dividing decimals. Everyone hated maths except one particular boy. His name was Lucas. The maths question he got from his teacher he answered it right. Mr Moore, the teacher, was marking there maths work. Suddenly he heard footsteps tapping on the wooden floor. Within 5 seconds his teeth grew longer, his eyes went redder, and a cape just flashed onto his shoulders. With a roar he bit into the person’s neck and sucked all the blood out. As he was sucking the blood out he noticed a taste that was a bit sour. You only found sour blood in 10-11 year old children. He pulled his diamond like fangs out of the person’s neck and realized it was Lucas. He started to panic. As Mr Moore was panicking, Lucas opened his eyes. His eyes were scarlet red, his teeth were as shiny as diamonds, his glare was so evil and with a flash a cape appeared on his shoulders. He walked out of the classroom with an evil glare which meant sucking more blood. Everyone was enjoying themselves in the field. But not for long. Lucas came out the door and everyone stared at him.

“Ha ha! You look like an idiot! Oh wait, u are one!” said the school bully. Lucas started to get angry. All the year 6’s were laughing but within 5 minutes Lucas had sucked all the blood out of the whole year 6 except one girl called Emily. Emily ran away and hid. Soon every year 6 children’s fangs came out, their eyes turned red and a cape flashed onto their shoulders.




“Oh no! Oh no! What have I done! I’m gonna go to prison, possibly killed, Oh what am I gonna do!” cried Mr Moore. He knew something was going to happen to him. Suddenly the bell rang for end of dinner time. Everyone came inside. The year 6’s looked normal.                                              “What’s wrong Mr Moore? Are you ok?” said Emily worriedly.                  “What’s wrong!” said Mr Moore angrily. “What’s wrong is you stupid kids keep coming in my classroom and I always do something wrong, do you understand!”

“Yes sir” said Emily.


Emily ran away crying. Lucas had and evil smile on his face. He knew she was going to the head teacher’s office.                                                      “Erm, Mr Moore?” said Lucas acting sensitive and sweet.

“What do you want?” said Mr Moore as if he hated every single thing in this world.

“May I go to the toilet? I’m desperate.”

“Yeah, well I’m desperate for privacy! GO TO THE STINKIN’ TOILET!” shouted Mr Moore so angrily it looked like his face was about to burst.                                                                                                   Lucas was laughing evilly when he got out the classroom. He went to the head teacher’s office. Lucas knocked on the door. Mrs Osment opened the door. The room seemed calm, but with a flash Mrs Osment was on the floor with blood dripping on the cream coloured carpet. Lucas walked away with a grin on his face. It was play time. Emma (one of the year 6 vampires) went to every class. First she went into Mr. Ruddle’s

Class.                                                                                                             “Hi Emma, what would you like. Emma came closer with a grin and with a flash Mr Ruddle was unconscious. And the same happened with all the others.

It was the end of playtime. All the teachers came outside. Everyone was quiet. Then all the teachers and year 6’s fangs came out, their cape flashed on and their eyes went red. They started chasing after the school children and turning them into vampires. Emily went and hid. By the time it was home time everyone was vampires except Emily.                           One day Emily went to a drug store. Their was a weird looking magician.

“What are you looking for my dear?” said the magician.

Emily explained everything that happened. The magician gave her a potion.

“Try and make them all drink it and they’ll be humans again,” said the magician.

The next day Emily went to school. She told everyone it was a potion to make you prettier or handsomer than you really are. They drank it. They started to get a weird feeling in their then a minute later they were al, on the floor. She remembered her dad was a scientist and he’d made a time machine. She went into the past with a whirl and then acted like nothing ever happened. Everyone was happy.

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