Lucy scared me silly with this adventure!

One sunny day I was walking through the woods when my dog ran in a street
that  I had never seen befor.I ran after her but when I got in the street the
birds stopped singing sweetley,the sun stopped shining brightley and every
thing became diffrent.I walked towards a slimy rusty gate.I slowly eased it
open and saw a old haunted house,bats were flying around the huge house as if
they were gaurding it.”What is inside that spooky house”I thought As I got
closer I saw a door a big wooden door it was open a tiny bit. I slowley
walked inside the house  i walked up the wooden squeekey stairs i saw a cloak
stiking out of the door way then i heard an evil cakkle i tiptoed but they
heard me it was a wartey wich and a blood suking vampire. ghoast s suddenly
apeard all around me  i made a dash for it i ran down stairs but a skelliton
caught me and put me in a coffin and i have never been out the coffin since.

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