Bitten by a Vampire

Amal from Brunei has sent in another chiller – this time with vampires!

Me, hearing vampire stories make me frightened.But, i just don’t believe in
them.What? Are they even real?

Then, my parents had to move to a new house because she has a job there. My dad says that the new house is 136 years old and vampires used to live here. Is that true?Then, a loud knock on the door.I opened it, and a boy with pale yellow colored eyes peered in.

“Hi,You’re the new mover,right?”

I nodded.”Gwendolyn,” i introduced myself and held out my hand.

“Saber Nightmare.” He answered.

Then, i heard a bell ring. Dinner is ready. “I’m having dinner, you want to

Saber shook his head. “I’m having some ‘red liquid’ tonight in my house. I
don’t want to waste it by eating your food!” He said.

What does he mean ‘red liquid?’ Does he mean ‘blood’. Dark passed by. I went to my bed and stopped when a dark figure crossed the my room and to the attic. I peered outside. “Anybody there?” I asked with my tiny,trembling
voice. Silence. i decided to go up to the attic alone.As i went inside,I was
shocked to see an ebony coffin sat on the floor.I opened it with all my
strength. Then, I uttered a gasp. I can’t believe who I saw. It was Saber.

“Saber!?” I cried out. Then I had realized that I had made a mistake.
Saber woke up, watching me with his pale yellow colored eyes. My eyes were
locked at him. He was wearing a black cape. “You’re looking good
there,” he said, then planted his fangs into my neck.

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5 Responses to Bitten by a Vampire

  1. Nurin Khairiyah says:

    This is a very good and fangtastic story. Keep it up!

  2. Hasliatul Syaqira says:

    Then, what’s necks(next)?

  3. Rizal Ibrahim says:

    If i move to a new hose, I’d better check the attic first…

  4. Nurin Kahiriyah says:

    I have to say, this story made me fell goosebumps.

  5. hanazaki462anime says:

    The story’s lookin’ good!

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